About Me

Graduated from Georgia Tech in 2015 with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  As a design consultant, I have worked on a variety of projects with researchers, startups, and corporations alike.

I specialize in Embedded Systems, Hardware, Software and Controls.  I provide experience in project design skills integrating hardware design, system software, and control logic.  Beyond project design, I have taken several ideas to manufacturing in aerospace, research, and commercial projects.

I have worked on projects featuring complex thermal design, low power usage, long term deployment, critical reliability requirements, miniaturization, as well as other specialized requirements.

Please contact me for additional information.

Selected projects:

  • Heating and motion controls of a complex industrial system – hardware design, firmware, and MatLab interface.
  • Archery Timer device – 70m visibility in daylight, modular optical and electrical design, wireless remote, pelican case portability.
  • Quarter sized portable timing devices – battery powered for long term monitoring and usage.  Includes optical-acoustic notifications.
  • LED backlit signage – pixel level control of RGB leds.
  • Networked LED display strips – controlled by central computer over standard RS-232 interface.  RJ45 for power and data.
  • Sound controlled LED strips – FFT analysis of the audio drives LED strip brightness and color.
  • Canon Power Regulator – Micro USB to canon battery pack voltage boost converter.  For shooting long term timelapses.



As a photographer I have worked events both large and small.  Please check my 500px site or my portfolio for more information.

Design Services

I specialize in embedded systems.  With project experience in industrial equipment, personal electronics (including low power, IoT, and data monitoring devices), I can bring your idea to life.

Fabrication & Manufacturing

I have experience fabricating products on small and large scale production runs.  I can produce your prototypes on a small scale for reasonable costs or bring your product to the masses.


With experience in event photography, portraiture, and product photography, I can provide the services you need.